Sue Stickle photo

Sue Stickle photo

Jolie is beautiful and doing well, and has finished our final show in Florida. We scored 68% on the team test, 65.119% on the Individual, and 67.3% on the Freestyle.

She was feeling a bit stiff in her back in February, so we did Respond laser treatment, chiropractic, and some rest and have her feeling back to her old self. She tends to hold a lot of tension in her back, which makes her stiffer and slower in her gaits, and she has loosened up quite a lot.

Our scores this weekend weren’t our best, but she was feeling good and moving well. When I collect her she starts to get tense, but the test is a medium walk, so if I concentrate on keeping her moving forward she over tracks very nicely. I just have to be careful not to gather her up too quickly or she gets tight. Our goal is to keep her gaits active and her back supple; I also don’t want her to break into trot, so I can’t get after her too much! She did well with the transitions.

Another bonus is Michelle and I won the best-dressed award again! Thanks to Michelle Hunt of Show Chic for sponsoring!