Pam Hardin and her trainer Melanie Melanie Mitchell have been more than wonderful from pushing me to buy red riding pants two years ago, cheering me on in competition, helping me with computer issues...and, probably most importantly, finding my new horse, Windwych Bamboozle in Colorado. Many thanks to Melanie's partner Nicho Meredith for helping to arrange a wonderful stay and horse trial with Jane and Jim Renner Dressage who allowed me to try and purchase their wonderful Connemara who hates our climate and bugs but is otherwise perfect. Thank you to his breeder Mary Mary Prewitt for picking the perfect parents. This para journey has been eventful to say the least. Many thanks to Murray Neale at Charleston Ares Therapeutic Riding for getting me started. My coach, Michelle Folden and her husband David David Folden Jr.have been instrumental in helping me all along the way. They have always believed in me, pushed me gently in the right direction and have always put my horse and me at the forefront. Many thanks to all those at the Stono River Riding Academy for aiding me in this journey. Special thanks to Jessie Crosby and Ferris Yanney for daily help and to Silva Martin for her lessons when I was in Florida. Thank you Ronnie Trotter for cheering me on. Thank you again Michelle and David for being on my team and helping me cope with the new me that I spent over 40 years without.