International Helmet Awareness Day 2015

When I was competing in Europe, I found that I was the only competitor who has had a traumatic head injury. There were a lot of people with physical disabilities. A particularly interesting rider is a former four-star eventer from Austria who is a partial paraplegic because his air vest exploded while he was galloping. His horse is an absolute saint. A woman from France rides sidesaddle because she can’t spread her legs wide enough to ride astride without extreme pain. It was all very interesting and inspiring.

If I hadn't been wearing a helmet when I was injured, I would not be here today. Here are some interesting statistics about horseback riding and head injuries:

Please join me in celebrating International Helmet Awareness Day on August 1st, 2015. Major helmet retailers are offering significant discounts on helmets, so now is the perfect time for a replacement or an upgrade. I speak from firsthand experience when I tell you that protecting your brain is always a worthwhile investment. For more information visit