Prepping for Uberherrn CPEDI3*

In addition to eating fabulous meals and enjoying the beautiful scenery of this region of France and Germany, we have been training hard in preparation for our second competition of the trip, the Uberherrn CPEDI3* in Germany. Michelle flew over a few days ago and has been giving me invaluable help with Biara, who is schooling well and feels prepared for the competition. I'm hoping to bring our scores up a bit from the Mulhouse show in France, and feel pleased with her progress. The weather is warming up considerably over here so that should help her stay calm and relaxed! We did our practice test for the Grade II Championship in a 20x40 arena in front of Michelle, Todd Flettrich, Katy (Heather Blitz's assistant, Becca Hart, Annie Peavy and her mom. It was nerve wracking to school in front of a big group, but good practice. Michelle was too busy coaching to to take photos, but we'll be sure to get some at Uberherrn. We are shipping over there today to prepare on the show grounds. Wish us luck!