Moving On in Our Training

So after spending four weeks in Florida my horse finally decided keeping all four feet on the ground isn’t entirely bad. Last week someone decided to start a chainsaw in the woods and we were airborne again. The good thing is her bucks are sort of straight little hops, but she’s big – she weighs close to 1400 pounds, so it gives me some serious whiplash! Michelle’s out of town and her assistant Lauren is teaching me. She just told me to get her head up and that helped.

International rider Charlotte Jorst liked my music so much that she asked for Beth’s contact information! She wasn’t really familiar with Para Equestrian, so I gave her the quick and dirty explanation!

As the season went on in Florida, Biara became accustomed to the grounds and settled in. She and I had sort of a plateau in our training late in Florida, as I really didn't want to change anything right in the middle of competition season. I am now trying to sit all but the medium trot. Most halts are now perfectly square in back as well as front, and we are doing much better walk pirouettes (they were too much like small circles before).