Musical Freestyle: 72% on first try!

Our Freestyle was a success, and we scored 72% yesterday. We also scored 65.5% in the Grade II Team Test. Click here for video:

Being here in Wellington is unbelievable! There are all sorts of ten-horse polo trailers and things around. WEF is just down the street from Global and there are all kinds of people here. There are Friday night live freestyles, which fill the stands up quickly, but otherwise there are hardly any people watching dressage, which is really a shame. There’s also lots of jumping at high levels and that’s packed all the time. It’s sort of cool being here in the sense that there’s a lot going on.

We are based out of White Fences, in Loxahatchee, in tent-like stabling. We have five arenas right here for schooling, where they used to hold the shows. The shows moved down the road so we have these fabulous arenas for schooling all winter. There are three barns full of horses here and probably five trainers and I don’t know how many horses, but it’s never crowded or chaotic. You can have an arena to yourself almost every day.

There are also a zillion different tack stores. Last year I had a jacket that was driving me nuts because it was lined, but every time I pulled my arms out I pulled the lining out! So I found a beautiful navy blue coat with baby blue piping, which is also machine-washable, and Charles Owen was nice enough to give me a navy blue hat that coordinates beautifully.

The vendors come for the whole season, and I’ve found some great deals. I scored some Montar breeches off the rack that are just a teeny bit long for me but I just roll them up and stuff them in my boots. Michelle and Silva are making fun of my size 24 pants because I wash them and hang them on the line and they looks like kids’ pants!  

I also found these keepers that Silva likes, and bought them all up, and I managed to get my clippers repaired; usually you have to send them away, but here a guy picked them up, sharpened the blades and tuned them up, then returned them to me. I was like, are you kidding?!

I also had a problem with my boots; they were custom boots and I added zippers later, and the zippers kept getting worn down, so I had to put black duct tape over there. The guy at the boot shop put a Velcro thing over the zipper tab, which solved that problem, so that was cool too.

There are tons of people with lots of disposable income here, and things are really expensive. Normally when we go to shows in the Carolinas and Georgia and wherever, the stall comes with a couple bags of shavings; here you have to order your own. I’ve been spending $75 a day on shavings, the classes are $66 each – mine are considered FEI classes -  and the regular classes are like $50. By the time I get done with the stall and tack stall, and show for a few days, it’s almost $1,000 for a weekend. Some people enjoy expensive massages or hair appointments or things, but it's a good thing I skip all that and stick to the horses!