Musical Freestyle for Biara G Coming Together

It’s about 40 degrees and gale force winds here in Florida, but the good news is Biara has settled in and is behaving herself. We are a little behind schedule with our freestyle, but we just received our CD. My old music for Goldie didn’t suit Biara but the new one with music from the movie "Gladiator" fits her well. 

The choreographer, Beth Hall, is someone I found through Jessie Crosby, who used her for a 3rd-level freestyle. It turns out she also did the music for Jonathan Wentz, an inspiring para rider who competed in London and later passed away. I love that Beth has a connection to para dressage already.

The music has to be between four minutes, fifteen seconds and 4:30 and at first it was too long, then too short, and then it rained like hell and we couldn’t use our arena to practice!  We finally were able to send Beth a video tape of the movements; she had previously sent me a selection of music to choose from. We send her the final video on Friday, January 30th, left Sunday February 1 for here, and her sound guy, who does the technical music mixing, put together a practice tape with instructions like “now halt” included. Finally she sent a couple of competition CD’s, so it’s been sort of an eleventh hour event getting it ready for the big show this weekend!!