Please Support Para Equestrian

Dear Friends and Equine Enthusiasts,

As I am sure you know the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics are not very far off.  As a group the Para Dressage athletes are trying to help fund those of us (we not sure who yet) who will be able to attend the June 2016 selection trials.  This is an expensive endeavor, involving not only a horse, "gear", and human transportation, but also that of "helpers" for those in wheelchairs who may need assistance.

Through the U.S. Equestrian Team Foundation we have been able to construct a mechanism by which any donations are tax-deductible. The following link goes directly to my "page" but please remember, any donation is for the group effort.

 Donations of any size are really appreciated.  I know this is a bad time of the year as Christmas approaches, but please consider helping the team to achieve its goals in 2016! 


Debbie Stanitski