Pilikua Koa

We have good news and bad news. Biara has been intermittently irregular in her appearance and feel for a while.  She has recently undergone an extensive work-up at the University of Georgia Veterinary School, including a physical exam, lunging on felt footing and asphalt, a bone scan, ultrasound and injections.  The bottom line is she has a high suspensory ligament strain, spinal stenosis (lumbar), and navicular changes (in the right front) necessitating rest, corrective shoeing and more rehabilitation before she is sound enough to show again.

We've all put a lot of time, energy and finances into my riding, and I'm not ready to sit on the sidelines. Fortunately my coach Michelle has an aged draft cross gelding (17 years), named Pilikua Koa that she is willing to lend me while Biara is rehabbing. He is gray and besides constant scrubbing with Quicksilver shampoo, he's very easy.  I just started riding him last week and am doing well. He is not fancy like Biara, but he is good enough for now, and I'll still be able to go to Florida to participate in the US Para Dressage training sessions and make it to a few shows.

I'll try to get a few photos later this week.

Happy holidays, everyone!