Prepping for the Championships

We’ve been practicing in a 20x60 arena but the competition for Grade II riders will in a 20x40 arena, so we’ve been shortening my arena at home, which is usually about 20x50, and I’m figuring out the different geometry. I have to make sure my circles are round and so on.


We’ve worked briefly on my freestyle, because I’ve modified that a bit. Unlike normal freestyles where you can get extra points for doing harder movements, you don’t get extra points in para dressage; but if you do something hard and don’t do it perfectly, they nail you. I found this out the hard way and lost points but we were able to modify my test slightly so that should be fine.


We’ve spent the past few days cleaning up the little problems. Because my left side is weaker than my right side, it’s harder for me to go L-R than R-L. If I don’t do anything Goldie will swing her butt to the left so I do a little haunches-in to prevent her swinging her haunches out to the left. We’re also working on making the haunches perfectly square – all four feet, not just two of them! She’ll also sort of noodle the reins out of your hands until she’s more comfortable, in front of the vertical, and I’ve spent time working on that.


We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and packing today; we’re leaving at 6am tomorrow so we can get there some time reasonable.